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Your car’s AC is probably one of the most used and least serviced part ever. However, like every other machine, your vehicle’s AC also needs periodical maintenance to make sure it works as it should. That’s why Tamworth Diesels is offering you affordable servicing of your car air conditioning Tamworth. We have a team of expert mechanics who will provide you with a thorough inspection and will mend any malfunction with your car’s AC.

How do you know if your car’s AC needs a service?

Experts recommend at least one inspection every year. However, if you notice any foul smell whenever you turn on the AC, or if it’s taking too long to cool the cabin, these might happen because of a malfunctioning AC.

Also, your vehicle consumes fuel whenever you use the air conditioner. So, whenever you notice a sudden decrease in your car’s mileage, you might want to inspect your car’s AC once.

You can opt for an aircon regas, and if your car’s AC coolant is low, it will help solve that issue. However, we recommend a complete inspection to detect further problems and prevent any issue that might be there with the system.

What can go wrong?

A lot of different things actually! Let’s start with one of the most common problems; micro-organisms build up.

As your car’s AC runs, cold and moist air clogs the vents. These moist pipes and vents become the perfect place for bacteria and fungi to build up. That is the reason you sometimes get an unpleasant smell. It is extremely unhealthy to inhale that air, that’s why you should bring your car for servicing its air conditioning Tamworth.

Another common issue occurs due to prolonged use. The connection and fittings of the carrier pipes can come loose. It will result in cold air venting outside, forcing the AC to work extra. Also, it results in a lot more fuel consumption and a reduction in service life.

Services that we offer –

Every car manufacturer has a set period of air conditioning recharge service. Generally, it is once every two years. However, regular maintenance will help it to run better.

Our services include –

  • Testing for leaks.
  • Functionality testing.
  • Charcoal filter replacing.
  • Refrigerant and compressor oil top off.
  • A pressure test to detect any leaks.

Regular maintenance enhances the life of critical components, making your vehicle’s air conditioner to work well for a lot longer.

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