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A healthy battery is a must if you want a healthy car. The problem is that most car owners do not know how to take care of a car’s battery. Without a properly functioning battery, your vehicle will not work. If you are looking for the best car battery in Tamworth, you have come to the right place. We store all the modern batteries which will suit your cars to the T.

The key to a well-maintained car is a well-maintained battery. However, we have already seen how most users tend to overlook the health of their vehicle’s batteries. Keeping this in mind, our experts at Tamworth Diesels at Tamworth have come up with these following essential pieces of advice to keep a battery in robust health.

Keeping your battery healthy

There are a lot of ways you can keep your vehicle’s battery healthy. First and foremost, you should know that battery repair at Tamworth is not quite possible; batteries have to be replaced. Although, there are certain ways with which you can keep your car’s battery healthy.

We list them below.

  • Ideally, you must change your battery once every four years. Most people do not do this, resulting in the health of the battery to deteriorate. You should maintain this four-year interval scrupulously.
  • Never leave your vehicle completely unused for an extended period. Doing so will, ultimately, discharge it entirely. It might leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  • Check the battery’s acid levels frequently. These levels should be checked once every six months. Whenever the acid levels fall below 80 per cent, a phenomenon called acid stratification occurs. The battery is further in trouble if the car is only driven with the entire battery-hogging electronics running.
  • Be sure to conduct a professional check-up of the battery every two months, especially a load test. Load test shows the actual health of your car battery.
  • Most batteries nowadays come with a tag calling it a ‘no-maintenance’ one. That, however, is a misnomer. That is because batteries must often be recharged. Also, whenever a battery dies, you cannot simply throw it away. They pose a grave environmental hazard, and the leaking acids might cause burns. Always revert to professional battery technicians at Tamworth Diesels in
  • Most areas in the UK are extremely cold. Cold weather is bad news for your car’s battery. We recommend that you bring your vehicle for battery repair at Tamworth periodically when it gets too cold.
  • Remember that fixing a new battery is a pretty tough job and is not DIY-friendly. Whenever you buy a new battery, you must fasten it sturdily and without any loose ends. Only a professional team of technicians can do that. Next time you buy your new car battery in Tamworth, think of us at Tamworth Diesels.

Batteries at Tamworth Diesels

At Tamworth Diesels, we focus equally on sales and services. We store various types of vehicular batteries as we know that no two kinds of cars use the same sort of batteries. Check out our collection online. You can also come down for a look-see personally.

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