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Every single car running on the streets of UK is full of sensors. They monitor every single component to determine whether they are working fine or not, and all these sensors are connected to the main computer of your car, the ECU.

ECU, or Engine Control Unit, is the computer that handles all the critical function of your car. It monitors everything from your car’s ABS to the fuel injector system. If there is an error, a sensor attached to that component sends ECU an error report along with an error code. Also, it lights up the respective warning light to warn the car owner.

So, whenever you see the ‘check engine’ light or the ‘ABS warning’ light in your car’s gauge cluster, you should immediately bring your car to us. We will run a thorough engine diagnostics or car diagnostic check and inform you of any issue.

Some of the most common issues we have handled

Just like any other machine, your car too can have a variety of faults. Although, we have seen that some major and common issues come up now and then. So, we have compiled a list of issues so that you can easily identify what is wrong with your car.

  • ABS issue – ABS is in every modern vehicle, and like every common technology, it glitches often. When it malfunctions, you will see the ABS warning light on the dashboard.
  • Engine management error – Your car’s fuel injection system might malfunction at times. It can be from using a different fuel, or they can simply be clogged. This malfunction will show up as an engine management error. Feel free to bring your car to Tamworth Diesels in for an engine diagnostics in Tamworth whenever you face this issue.
  • Malfunctioning fuel system – Also, the fuel pump of your car and peripherals linked to it can malfunction. Your car’s ECU will also lodge that as an error and warn you about it.

Visit us for a complete engine diagnostics at Tamworth

It is important to have a properly functioning car every time turn the keys on. That’s why we, Tamworth Diesels, have brought our affordable and quick service of engine diagnostics to Tamworth. Call us today to book your appointment, or visit us online to know more.

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