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Since 1942, a South Korean tyre company has slowly gained global prominence while competing with famous brands like Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear, and Bridgestone etc. Known as Nexen Tyres, they have established their market for the past 76 years with their ingenious designs and top of the line materials that they incorporate in their products.

Nexen specialises in making tyres for a range of vehicles, from SUVs to long-haul trucks. Nexen car tyres are famous for their durability and affordability, and they are hugely popular in the UK. To make sure you get the best products for your car at a cheaper rate, we, Tamworth Diesels, one of the largest tyre retailers in Tamworth, have brought the entire range of Nexen car tyres at our garage. Now, you can buy tyres of world-renowned quality from your hometown, without paying a fortune for the product.

Nexen – bringing tomorrow’s technology today

Nexen tyres are famous for their ingenious designs and new materials that they use to make their products. Their name – Nexen – is an amalgamation of ‘next’ and ‘century’, portraying their determination of creating tyres fit for the next generation of cars.

They are well known when it comes to inventing new materials and designs. Their R&D is famous for creating products suitable for the most extreme conditions. Back in 2005, they patented a technique to manufacture a brand new tyre with rubber and stratified silicate Nano-composites. By 2006, they were ready to develop their brand new Ultra High Performance and Winter LTR/SUV tyres. This particular product became so popular that Nexen had to open a brand new manufacturing plant in Qingdao province, China.

All these points to a company that is here to stay, and is growing at a staggering rate every year. Their domestic market share increased from only 8% to a staggering 20%, while annual sales exceeding $600 million. Back in 2013, their revenue exceeded $1.68 billion.

Among Nexen car tyres, the N2000 series, NFERA SU1 and SU4, SUR4, RU5 are the most popular among our customers in and around Tamworth.

Tamworth Diesels and Nexen

If you are looking for tyres that are both affordable and high quality, choose from our extensive range of Nexen tyres. You can also buy Nexen tyres online from our website. Call us anytime; visit our website to know more.



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