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The Italian giant of a tyre manufacturer, Pirelli, is well-known for its splendid array of tyres. What is less commonly known, however, is that it started life in 1872, in Milan, Italy.

It was founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, after whom the company is named. Currently, this is the sole company which provides tyres for the FIA Formula One Championship.

The reasons behind choosing Pirelli

Perhaps one of the most iconic brands in the tyre industry, Pirelli currently exports its products to over 160 countries. It has been at the forefront of the industry for many years because of its innovative products and their extremely high longevity, and durable nature.

Pirelli has not merely been just another tyre manufacturer. It has managed to transcend the tyre industry and become something akin to a lifestyle brand. Pirelli’s calendars have featured iconic names like Annie Leibovitz and Peter Lindbergh.

Besides its enormous fame, other reasons why you should buy Pirelli tyres are:

  • Its proven track record in racing. Also, today, Pirelli is purely a tyre manufacturing company which seeks to make sustainable mobility and renewable energy available to the masses.
  • Pirelli is the sole company to supply tyres to the FIM World Superbike racing championship; which establishes it’s racing pedigree for both two and four-wheelers.
  • Pirelli is a world leader in R&D. It was the first company to invent a “wide radial tyre” which was first used to support the then-new Lancia Stratos. The Stratos was a car which no other slick or radial tyre could support. In this way, this Italian company has been abreast with the latest in industrial tyre manufacturing.
  • The company’s PZero and the Cinturato have been at the cutting edge of tyres made exclusively for high-performance and high-speed vehicles and are beloved by many people.
  • Pirelli has always been at the forefront of tech modifications; its Diablo and Scorpion were the first performance snow tyres in popular use.
  • Pirelli believes in culturing mass support bases, which is why they sponsor the famous Italian football club Inter Milan. Over the last few years, it has retained the spotlight.

Tamworth Diesels and Pirelli

Buying Pirelli Car tyres from Tamworth Diesels Garage comes with certain great advantages. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home; a few clicks of your mouse and you can buy it online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Also, you will be able to read up on all types of tyres that we store on our website. We have a wide inventory; feel free to browse through for all best Pirelli car tyres.



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